How Do You Feel Right Now?

Power Plate makes things that can help you feel better, in many different ways. 

We make small things that cost the same as a dinner out for 2 people. 

For example, we have a peanut shaped device that you can put behind your neck lying on the couch. 

You turn it on, and waves of energy go into your neck muscles and dissolve tension. 

In about five minutes, you are feeling better. 

We also make bigger things that put energy into your entire body.  To help you feel better and much more. 

We've been around for about 20 years, and our conversation has mostly been with personal trainers, physical therapists, professional athletes and doctors. 

Our goal now is to have a conversation with everyone.   

Our first question to you is simply, how do you feel right now?   

Does your knee hurt, do you feel tight? 

Is there a part of your body that hurts on a regular basis?   

If you can comment on this post and tell us in a few words or sentences, we'd appreciate that. 

In addition to selling great products, we do a lot of free training for people. 

We show you how to use Power Plate products to feel better. 

Physically, mentally, even emotionally.   Most people are new to vibration therapy and we are here to teach you how to use the fastest growing healing modality out there.


  • Fascinated by your possibilities and the portability o0f some of products for building muscle, healing injuries and removing tension to expedite healing. Ill be saving for some products:)

  • Is this gonna help with arthritic knees ?

  • Diabetic ostrobectic

    Dave samson
  • Where can I try one out? A gym in my area. ?

    June roman

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