How Best to Use Your Power Plate

How Best to Use Your Power Plate

Is there one best way to use Power Plate? Absolutely not. Is there a best way to use it for you? Absolutely yes. 

When it comes to movement, exercise and training there is no one-size-fits-all as every person has a unique body, mind, lifestyle and - most importantly - an aspiration to change that is deeply significant to them. It would be fair to say that when it comes to creating your exercise and training program there are infinite recipes. However, within these recipe’s there are key ingredients that each one of us need and we can use these ingredients to create infinite recipes!

For example, we can use flour, water, yeast and milk to make bread. We can also use them to make a donut, bagel or cake. Same ingredients. Different recipe. When it comes to integrating Power Plate and whole-body vibration into your movement and exercise regime let’s look at the key ingredients to optimizing its incredible game-changing outcomes. 


Firstly, we know that Power Plate helps us to Prepare Faster. To put simply, it gets us ready to move. Whether at the gym, practicing, or competing we all need to ‘warm up’ first and the more effectively we do this, the better we perform. Power Plate has specific movements and methodology to help you prepare faster for life and sport, and its proven outcomes include: 

  • Increased blood flow and circulation (tissue temperature and hydration)
  • Muscle extensibility and joint mobility (range of motion)
  • Activation of our neuromuscular system (activates the system to move)

For those who have a Power Plate MOVE™, you will see 6 dots (lights) on the display. These are built-in intensity settings ensuring you are moving and training at the right level. 

  • Level 1 = 30 Hz / Low
  • Level 2 = 35 Hz / Low
  • Level 3 = 40 Hz / Low
  • Level 4 = 30 Hz / High
  • Level 5 = 35 Hz / High
  • Level 6 = 40 Hz / High



You can now easily match these buttons to your Prepare, Perform, Recover guidelines and settings.

When using your Power Plate to prepare faster, follow these guidelines:

Flexibility & Mobility
Number of Moves: 4-8         Frequency(Hz): 30-35             
Amplitude (L-H): L                  Duration: 30-60 sec             Set: 1-2

Stability & Balance
Number of Moves: 1-3         Frequency(Hz): 30-35             
Amplitude (L-H): L                 Duration: 30 sec                   Sets: 1-2






Once we have prepared the mind and body we move into the ‘main course’ of the workout which we call Perform Better. This is where we do our strength, power, and endurance work. Power Plates proven benefits for this include: 

  • Rapid recruitment of muscles and connective tissues
  • Increased metabolic demand
  • Increased strength, power and speed

When using your Power Plate to perform better, follow these guidelines:

Core Integrations
Number of Moves: 1-3         Frequency(Hz): 30-40           
Amplitude (L-H): L-H            Duration: 30-45 sec             Set: 1-3

Stability & Balance
Number of Moves: 4-6         Frequency(Hz): 30-40           
Amplitude (L-H): L-H             Duration: 30-60+ sec           Sets: 2-5


Finally, once we have done the work, it is time to Recover Quicker. Work + rest = success and if we don’t use both passive and active recovery techniques, we will soon find we plateau in our gains, or worse, regress. Such is the importance of recovery and is often the limiting factor in many people’s programs.  Power Plate provides some sensational recovery benefits that include: 

  • Relieves soft tissue tension and tightness
  • Reduces stress hormones and attenuates inflammation
  • Increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage
  • Relaxes the nervous system and dampens pain

At the end of your session, or between sessions, when using your Power Plate to Recover Quicker, use the following guidelines:

Number of Moves: 3-5         Frequency(Hz): 35-40           
Amplitude (L-H): L-H             
Duration: 1-2 min                 Set: 1-2

Number of Moves: 2-4         Frequency(Hz): 30-35           
Amplitude (L-H): L                  
Duration: 30-60 sec             Set: 1-2



With some simple and step by step planning, you can now take full advantage of all the benefits of Power Plate and create your own uniquely individual recipes for success!  If you would like some further references to help, you can access our 21-day habit guide

Download the free Power Plate App for more great movements to help you Prepare Faster, Perform Better and Recover Quicker.


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