Have You Seen This In Your Gym, But Don't Know What It Is?

A Power Plate is like a spaceship going at light-speed for your muscles and body. 

You step on a Power Plate and turn it on to setting 3 to start out.

The platform you are standing on starts to vibrate at 30 times per second.   You can't count that fast.

This forces your muscles to respond automatically to these vibrations.  This reflex response is what creates the magic of Power Plate.   

Muscles are connected to tendons, and tendons connected to bones.  Which is all connected to your central nervous system and lymphatic system.   

BONE BENEFITS: When your muscles are activated 30 times a second, they pull on your bone via tendons.  This is powerful enough to force your bones to produce more cells. 

If you use a Power Plate 3-5 times a week for 9 minutes this is enough to produce enough bone cells to show up on a DEXA scan! 

METABOLIC BENEFITS: This same 9 minutes, 3-5 times a day has a powerful impact on your muscles.   If you are in any sort of metabolic "danger" zone, you probably don't have the motivation or maybe even ability to move your muscles the way you need to.   

The Power Plate can almost "turn on" your metabolism for you.  The 30 muscle reflexes every second are powerful enough to activate your own muscles for you.

This is a big deal. When your muscles start to come to life, they are able to burn sugar for fuel. THIS MEANS LESS SUGAR IS STORED AS FAT IN THE BODY.  

ATHLETIC BENEFITS: 94% of pro football teams use Power Plate.  Most interesting is that the teams who tend to win Super Bowls, tend to use Power Plate more than teams that miss the playoffs. There's a couple reasons for this.

First is that the 30 vibrations a second flow through the tendons, which loosen them up over time. Which helps reduce injury.  The best trainers know that muscle can be massaged, tendons can't.  Power Plate and other forms of energy are needed t keep tendons loose.  (Happy tendons help people stay in the game).

ALL of this is activated when you stand on a Power Plate and turn it on. 




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