Free Power Plate Training For Elite Personal Trainers, Strength and Conditioning Coaches

Elite personal trainers and elite strength and conditioning coaches are generally characterized by having a very curious and open mind.  

And they’re always learning.

Knowledge of the unique value of Power Plate is one of these tools and modalities that top trainers and coaches help their clients with.

This is a short blog post that quickly outlines some of the key benefits. There’s a lot more for us to teach and a formal training with CEC credits is available.

But this will get you started.  And please ask questions in the comments section.  If you don't understand or believe something we way-- ask us!! 

Here are 4 areas that can help different clients transform their lives.

Number One, Power Plate helps to loosen up tendons, better than almost anything out there.  So often we see trainers and strength coaches focus on building muscle and not focus on making sure tendons are in as relaxed a state as possible. 

When tendons get neglected, pain and injury is often the result. A tight client might not feel motivated to go to the gym and move.

Tendons sit between muscle and bone, and they are extremely hard to massage manually. They are also hard to stretch.  The majority of season ending injuries involve a tendon in some way.  A Power Plate vibrates on average 1200 times every 30 seconds, and it’s a comfortable harmonic vibration.

Tendons are made up of very complex strands of a collagen fibers, and these harmonic waves help to loosen them up kind of like hot boiling water, softens hard pasta.

Five minutes of warming up your clients on a Power Plate, and then five minutes of recovery after, especially with athletic clients, can make the difference between injury and not injury.

Number Two, for those of you with older clients, bone strength and balance is a critical issue, and can literally mean the difference between life and death.

When you stand on a Power Plate, the 1200 vibrations every 30 seconds generate 1200 muscle contractions automatically.

This impact also generates the equivalent force on the bones.   This force is sufficient enough to stimulate the production of new bone cells-- osteoblasts and osteoclasts.

Additionally, the destabilization from the three-dimensional engine inside every Power Plate, forces the body to react which results in improved balance, very quickly. 

There is a great deal of new research that shows the Power Plate approach to harmonic vibration can measurably impact both bone density and balance   This could help someone walk up and down the stairs more easily, and also set up off of share more easily, simple stuff, unless that’s a problem for you

Number Three. For your clients who are looking to burn fat and preserve/increase muscle the Power Plate is a uniquely valuable tool that you’ll want to add to their existing diet and fitness routine

Because the Power Plate automatically creates reflex response to your muscles 1200 times every 30 seconds, this helps to gradually uncomfortably condition and strengthen the muscles.

Even the smaller muscles can be hard to engage.

As you can probably imagine, better conditioned muscles are “more expensive” calorically.   Are when you add Power Plate used to an effective diet routine you’re much more likely to keep the weight off for your clients long-term  There’s some great research to prove exactly this, especially with belly fat.

Number Four. Our final quick example of why the Power Plate is so helpful to your clients is the rapid increase in production of natural growth hormone. Different studies have shown an increase between 500 and 2000%. Most people, even in the fitness industry are surprised when they hear this. 

Naturally produced growth hormones maintain bodily functions throughout life. These include

  •  Tissue repair
  •  Muscle growth
  •  Brain function
  •  Bone density development
  • Skin thickness
  • Energy
  • Metabolism

Please ask us questions in the comments section. 

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