Even More Clinical Proof Showing How Power Plate Helps Prevent/Treat Sore Muscles

New research conducted in the UK and published a few days ago shows that Whole Body Vibration helps deliver "significant reductions" in muscle pain and muscle tightness.

The study used Power Plate machines, and focused on elite athletes.

What is interesting is that most of us are athletes in some way. We play tennis, golf. We ski, we run, do yoga etc.

And we all get tight, and experience pain.

This research shows pretty clearly the difference between muscles that use Power Plate and those that don't.

==>But the average person thinks that pain is "just a part of getting older" and is totally closed to the idea of even considering trying a Power Plate.

We do a lot of promotion on facebook, and so many people are very vocally skeptical. They almost take a pride in it, it's weird.

But interesting. It's like there is some aspect of human psychology that gets angry at new ideas.

Anyway, if you get on your Power Plate for a few minutes before an activity, and then a few minutes after, you'll be less sore and have fewer injuries.

You'll also have more muscle, stronger bones and better health. The ability of your body to automatically burn more fat during the day increases every time you use your Power Plate.

This new study joins piles of earlier research showing your body works better if you use a Power Plate every day.

For those of you who are trainers, becoming familiar with this technology puts you into an elite category.

Same thing with any practitioner. Knowing about this technology puts you into an elite category among your peers.

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