Emma's Story: How to increase bone density using the Power Plate

This is an amazing story from Emma, who used Power Plate to increase her bone density:

“I’d always been pretty fit and very healthy – I’d never broken a bone in my life and I had gone to the gym fairly regularly for the past 15 years.

So, when at 47 I saw an ad for bone scans (dexa scans) at my local hospital, I’m not even sure now why I decided to have one. I think I expected to be told that I had wonderfully healthy bones and to be able to pat myself on the back.

Instead I received a letter from the hospital telling me to contact my doctor immediately as I already had 20% bone loss.What followed was a prescription for Heavy Resistance Training and for calcium carbonate.

In the US where my husband was sent on business, my doctor put me on bisphosphonate medication, promising 100% improvement in bone density.After 10 years on bisphosphonate medication I was told by a rheumatologist that fi ve years was the recommended length of time to be on this medication.

I asked if there might be a drug available which would prevent continued bone loss. I was told I should continue to exercise and continue taking calcium and to return if and when I broke a bone.

So it was a godsend for me to come across Vessy at the Bone Life Clinic. She is passionate about bone health and is on a mission to help people not only improve their bone density, posture and stability but increase awareness that we all can become stronger and feel better with her program ‘Simply Strong for Life’ that incorporates the use of the bioDensity machine.

The bioDensity is a unique form of resistance weight training ensuring I am correctly positioned to achieve the maximum benefit. Over the past 18 months, my resistance strength has increased by over 200%.

In addition to the bioDensity machine, Vessy uses the Power Plate – these exercises have signifi cantly improved my stamina, balance and posture and have helped me with a knee pain and foot problem that was becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

I love our sessions and feel in control of my bone health once again and relieved of the knee and foot pain.

For the first time I’m looking forward to my next Dexa scan rather than dreading the downward spiral results.”Emma’s story “The shock of bone loss prompted action and when Emma discovered Vessy at The Bone Life Clinic her life changed.



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