Does The Least Expensive Power Plate Really Work?

The Personal Power Plate was designed as the plate everyone could buy.  For $1200 with the CART15 coupon, and a monthly payment plan available, you can have a machine that helps keeps you strong and healthy.

The Personal has the same unique and patented technology as the larger models. 

It works incredibly well and it is also portable. 

We posted a video below of an NFL Pro Bowl MVP using a Personal Power Plate in his home to help him in training camp. 

The video shows him putting both of his knees to help with pain and range of motion.  The video was shot several years ago, and this particular person played linebacker for 15 years in the NFL.

That is a long time to play, and helps to show the mindset of someone who is able to keep their body in a place where it can absorb continued blows.

The idea here is that if an NFL player can benefit from this unit, anyone can. 

Please make sure to use the CART15 code to save 15% when you check out.

The comments on a new blog post on getting out of pain when playing golf got our attention.

What we found interesting is that people really think there is nothing they can do to get out of physical pain-- other than Advil and Alcohol. 

The reality is that with daily use, the Power Plate can help most people get out most of physical pain during and after intense exercise. 

As well as any other activity do you.

This is the simple 3 step process to getting out of muscle pain:

1. Our products are designed to vibrate at different frequencies and at 3 dimensions at the same time. 

2. When you put the vibration on your sore muscles, this loosens up your tendons

3.  Tendons sit between bone and muscle, so when tendons loosen, it then relaxes your muscles.    

That's where the "ahhhh" that we are famous for comes from.

In our experience, once you understand this simple process, you'll start using our products and never stop.   

It takes a few minutes a day to begin to loosen up your tendons, which then relax your muscles and dissolve pain. 

Most people are extremely skeptical about this at first. 

The reason you are only now hearing about Power Plate after 21 years, is that a much more expensive version of this was sold to Gyms, Professional Sports teams and celebrities. 

There are now Power Plates available for everyone, and the response has been incredible. 

When it comes to physical pain, if you can stop using Advil and Alcohol for medication, your life is going to improve dramatically. 

The entire cascade of health benefits you have been reading about will flow from this simple daily habit.

More Detail About The Science:

When you put any Power Plate product on any muscle group, it starts to send a vibration into your muscles and then tendons. 

Sitting between the tendons and the muscles are little strands of collagen called Golgi Tendon Organs. 

When things get tight in your body, these little "strands" are like a box of uncooked spaghetti

Power Plate technology helps the muscles relax like pasta in hot water.  

A Couple Ways To Get Started:

1. If you are a member of a large gym chain like Lifetime or Equinox, you have free access to our most popular models. 

Just 60 seconds of use, before and after a workout.  You can lie on your back with the machine on, and set to a low level

As the vibration starts to go into your back muscles, you can visualize the tendons and muscles loosening up. 

Feels so good. You'll feel better. 

2. For home use, we have two categories of products. We have the following handheld products:

For $99 you can get a vibrating roller that you use much like a foam roller.  This is a beautifully designed and textured roller with 4 vibration settings.

There is a video on this page that shows you how to use the Power Plate Roller.   

We also have a handheld "peanut" shaped vibration tool for $99, which is amazing for your hands, your feet, shoulder area and more. 

For deeper muscle penetration we have a product called the Pulse.  This is the best self massage tool on the market, because it is easy to hold and gently penetrates tight muscles directly.   

We also have the famous Power Plate Whole Body Vibration platforms now available for home use.

We have a 15% coupon available now, CART15, that is good for all products in the shop, except for the extremely popular Power Plate MOVE where a fantastic deal is already priced in for you.

Did you know Power Plate improves Bone Density, increases Growth Hormone production up to 2600%, increases Lymphatic drainage and much more.  

Here is a quick summary of how this works:

1. When you step on a Power Plate, this triggers reflexes in your muscles. 30 to 50 reflexes per second.

2. This even works with people who are too weak to voluntarily contract their own muscles!!

3. These crazy amounts of reflexes a second all over your body then trigger dramatic increases in NATURAL GROWTH HORMONE

4. Power Plates' patented engine does this better than anyone else.  In 3 dimensions at once. (Simply standing on a Power Plate and doing a gentle up and down squat engages MOST of your body)

5. The increase natural growth hormone production is significant. 500 to 2000 percent increase, which can exceed what is naturally produced by Olympic Weightlifters. (think about that)

6. Increasing levels of Natural Growth Hormone in your body is the #1 objective of anti-aging researchers, and some people pay $30,000 a year for ARTIFICIAL growth hormone injections. (NOT necessary)

7. Naturally produced growth hormone (GH) maintains bodily functions such as tissue repair, muscle growth, brain function, bone density development, skin thickness, energy, and metabolism, throughout life.

8. Using a Power Plate for a few minutes a day in the privacy of your own home can bring every part of your body BACK TO LIFE.

9. When you step on a Power Plate, these 30 to 50 waves of energy per second get your muscles to engage. And your blood starts to flow.  When your muscles are engaging like this, this FORCES your bones to join the party.

10. When your BONES get this wakeup call, they start producing the hormones that trigger NEW BONE CELL GROWTH.  These signals and triggers happen every time you step on a Power Plate.

11. It is well established that increasing Natural Growth Hormone production in your body doubles the production of collagen production!!  This means painful joints can heal, and your skin starts to thicken.  (Turkey neck and sagging can START to go away after a few months of daily use. (It’s easy to drink a glass of wine a day, why wouldn’t you also do this??)

12. If you have read the first 11 bullet points here, you might be skeptical.  You might be a doctor, therapist, personal trainer or health care professional.  Stop right now and open up a separate tab or browser window.  Google “natural growth hormone and collagen production.”  You’ll see the research yourself.

13. Using the Power Plate in your home or at work daily, helps to make you physically stronger. More agile. Less prone to falls.  With the right diet (plenty of high quality protein!!) your body starts to heal.

14. When we say every system in your body starts to heal, we mean EVERY one.  Including key Male and Female sexual function hormones.  If you still have your browser open, google “natural growth hormone and nitric oxide.” 

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