Do Vibration Plates Help Burn Calories?

Medically reviewed by: David M. Joyner, MD, FACS

As culture begins to shift around fitness and weight loss, health enthusiasts and curious beginners alike are looking for fresh ways to invigorate their workout routines. And among the many products on the market now, vibration plates have emerged as a revolutionary technology that is sure to shake up the wellness world. 

Vibration plates are pulsating platforms that send stimuli through your body. Do they work? The short answer: yes. On the other hand, does the use of vibration plates increase an individual’s calorie burn? That answer is not as simple—but when used in conjunction with other exercise/movement routines, some research shows that they can. 

Read on to delve into the science behind vibration plates and their impact on calorie burn, drawing insights from the latest exercise research. 

Understanding Vibration Plates

Vibration plates (sometimes known as whole body vibration, or WBV, machines) are platforms that generate oscillating vibrations through your body as you stand or perform exercises on them. There are three main types of vibration plates, learn more about each type in our guide covering tri-planar vs linear vs pivotal vibration.

Whole body vibration plates are easy and simple to use. A user will most often stand on it with their feet shoulder-width apart, bending their knees to maintain balance. From there, you can utilize the vibration plate in any number of ways, including bodyweight squats, weight lifting, or just standing still. 

The intended uses of vibration plates can most commonly be categorized into two main areas:

  • Bolstering fitness training Your workout routine is where vibration plate exercises can really add value. The rapid contractions and relaxations that the vibration platform causes can challenge your muscles in a new way, which may help bolster your muscle strengthening and toning exercises. Some professional athletes, seeking to improve power and reaction time, use vibration plates as a part of their training regimen.
  • Overall muscular and joint wellness Vibration plates may also have the power to benefit more than fitness training. Various research has studied the positive effects of WBV on the body. One study showed a positive correlation between whole body vibration and mobility. Other studies show the potential benefits to muscular strength and cardiorespiratory fitness in seniors

The Science Behind Vibration Plates

Vibration plates work to stimulate muscles by allowing them to contract and relax at a faster rate than they would during regular exercise or while at rest. Power Plate®, for example, vibrates at 50 vibrations per second, aiming to activate muscles that maintain balance and stability.

Effectiveness of Vibration Plates in Calorie Burning

A study demonstrated that merely standing on a Power Plate can yield energy expenditure comparable to walking at a speed of 2.2mph; However, there’s the potential for more calories burned on a vibration plate when you incorporate additional activities.

Calorie Burning Potential

Some research has shown that vibration plates may be able to increase total calories burned when their use is combined with other exercises. In one such study, vibration plates increased energy expenditure by 20%. For most people, the more energy you use, the more calories you burn, which suggests that using a vibration plate to accelerate energy expenditure during your workout could lead to more calories burned.

Another study, using Power Plate® vibration plates, showed the potential for overweight and obese adults to lose more weight when they exercised with WBV, compared to those who used aerobic exercises alone. That study showed the potential for Power Plate to increase the calories burned by as much as 50%.


Factors Influencing Calorie Burn

There are various factors that influence how many calories users burn on vibration plates. These include duration of use, frequency settings, and individual differences like body weight and fitness level. For healthy adults with no prior health issues, 15 minutes of Whole Body Vibration could be effective in aiding weight loss.

Vibration Plates in Weight Loss and Fitness Programs

Because of the potential advantages of vibration plates, they can play a key role in comprehensive weight loss and fitness routines. 

Integrating Vibration Plates into Fitness Routines 

Incorporating a vibration plate for weight loss into a regular fitness regimen could be promising for many individuals. No matter what your calorie-burning goal is, there’s a place for a vibration plate in your next workout. Here are a few ideas about where to start: 

  • Bodyweight exercises – While you use a Power Plate or whole-body vibration plate, incorporate exercises like squats, lunges, planks, or push-ups to boost your body’s opportunity to burn calories.
  • HIIT workouts – High-intensity interval workouts are another way to turn up the heat on your vibration plate workout. Try doing some high-knee rotations, where you complete high knees for 45 seconds, rest for 15 seconds, and repeat. 
  • Balance challenges – For a less intense option, keep it simple: stand with one leg on the plate, hold for 30 seconds, then switch legs. Repeat 3 times on each side.

Realistic Expectations and Safety Considerations 

Always consult your physician when beginning or changing your exercise routine, including WBV, especially if you have known health conditions. Remember to listen to your body: If you feel concerning discomfort or pain while using a vibration plate, stop use and consult an expert or healthcare professional. 

Boost Your Workout’s Potential with Power Plate

If you’re looking for a tool to upgrade your calorie-burning potential, hack your next workout with vibration plates. Power Plate, with its revolutionary PrecisionWave™ Technology, makes the most out of the potential benefits of whole body vibration training. Rather than vibrating up and down like most other vibration plates, Power Plate vibrates in multiple directions—at the most optimal frequencies for muscle activation.  

If you’re ready to boost your workout routine, increase your potential for calorie burning, or simply incorporate an accessible tool to help get your body moving, check out how Power Plate can transform your routine today. On top of our whole body vibration machines, we carry a variety of targeted vibration products focused on preparation and recovery. Learn more about our vibration massage gun and vibrating foam rollers.


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