Can You Use Power Plate Every Day?

We recently received this question in our community- “I have read conflicting info on Power Plate. Is it ok to use Power Plate every day or should you use it every other day to give your muscles time to recover?”

Power Plate is an incredibly diverse and versatile tool that you can use for strength training, cardio, recovery, massage, and everything in between. Power Plate Master Educator, Scott Hopson, says, “100% you can use Power Plate daily. However….not for the same purpose. Strength training should be every 48-72 hours. Other uses like flexibility, mobility, massage, and recovery work can be done daily!”

No matter what your goals are, Power Plate is a great modality to help you reach them more quickly. Whether you are using it to warm-up, work out, or recover, you are reaping numerous benefits such as increased circulation, higher calorie burn, and more muscle activation than when not using Power Plate. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours on your Power Plate- in fact, Power Plate can be effective after as little as a few minutes of use.

Be sure to download the free Power Plate App, where you can work out with our Master Trainers as they guide you through different classes, such as core, strength, HIIT, yoga flow, balance, and more. Some programs on the app that are perfect for everyday include Preparation For A Better Day, Healthy Living, Daily Wellness, and Total Body Recovery.


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