Why Power Plate has you do more in less time (it's 30x more muscle activations per second)

Science shows us that in traditional floor based exercises, we can do 1-2 muscle activations per second.  When performing that same exercise on a Power Plate,  we have 30-35 muscle activations per second.  This demonstrates how and why we can do more in less time. 

The activations are “reflexive” or subconscious. 

While trying to activate certain muscle groups (prime movers) we often cannot recruit the appropriate mover and rarely a majority of the muscle fibers due to poor mind/body connection (kinesthetic connection). 

However, when working on Power Plate the activation is due to a reflexive muscle response that comes from the brain (afferent / efferent signal) so we activate more muscle fibers more often than we can on the floor.

This science gives us loads of amazing benefits in regards to strengthening not only our stabilizing muscles and prime movers but ALL muscles/muscle fibers.  

In addition to many more benefits beyond just strengthening muscles:

  • Improved motor learning
  • Improved motor control
  • Pain dampening
  • Increased bone density
  • Improved circulation
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Decreased DOMS
  • Reduces cortisol response

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Here are a few supporting research articles:

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  2. Precision: Why Medical and Sports-Performance Professionals Prefer Power Plate®
  3. Power Plate® for Anti-Aging and Regenerative Hormonal Response

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