Beating The Monday Blues

Written By: Caroline Pearce (MSc, BSc Hons), Power Plate Master Trainer

We’ve all been there, it’s Sunday evening or we’ve returned from a vacation, and the realization sets in the it’s time to get back to work or to take on the tasks we’ve been avoiding…This is often referred to as the ‘Monday Blues’ or ‘Feeling Blue’. We feel dread and heaviness and innately we want to bury ourselves under the covers, hit snooze a dozen times or reach for comfort food in the hope of feeling a bit better! Stop right there! None of these actions will break you out of a funk and instead they’ll either delay or exacerbate those feelings of fatigue and depression.

 To beat the Monday blues there’s one thing guaranteed to make you feel better instantly and its MOVEMENT! It may be the last thing you feel like doing but it’s not just a theory or wilful suggestion, it’s scientifically backed! Movement and exercise release endorphin hormones, commonly known as ‘feel good hormones’ or ‘happy hormones’. You feel energized, motivated, and ready to take on the day when these endorphins are racing around your body. And if you’re short on time and want to heighten this feeling, let me introduce you to Power Plate Vibration technology to get your fix quickly and more effectively…

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Power Plate accelerates the rate of production of endorphins and the speed at which they’re delivered. What’s more, a few exercises on Power Plate, at between 30-40Hz of frequency, will awaken your mind and body as the vibration stimulates your central nervous system, activates the nerve endings in your extremities, and through an increased blood flow and subsequent lymphatic flow, removes toxins that can make you feel lethargic.

 My advice is to not overthink it and just hop on your Power Plate machine and allow the vibration to do the hard work for you. Start with a couple of stretch exercises. A hamstring stretch and cat-cow flow are two of my favorites for easing into the day. Then activate your muscles holding a squat position followed by a plank position. Do all of these for 30 seconds, for 2 rounds. Then finish with an outer thigh massage to quite literally take any tightness away from your body. Who doesn’t like a good massage to start their week?! And boom, you’ve beaten the Monday blues in the less than 10 minutes. If you want a longer workout led by a qualified trainer, then hop on our free Power Plate app and choose from a wide selection of full-length workouts.

Let Monday blues be a thing of the past by making Power Plate your go-to for the future!

By: CAROLINE PEARCE (MSc, BSc Hons), Power Plate Master Trainer

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