Avoid Tennis Injuries And Recover Faster With Power Plate

Chris Maglocci grew up playing tennis. As a young adult, she played competitively in college and eventually turned professional and played on the pro circuit. Years later, she took up paddle tennis and is now an instructor and competes on the circuit.

Chris’s friend introduced her to Power Plate 5 years ago and assured her that it would help her injuries and her overall game. She began training with John Sitt of Full Circle Fitness in Glencoe, IL. John is certified personal trainer, exercise therapist, and founder/owner of Full Circle Fitness.  Her favorite part of using Power Plate is that it better prepares her to play paddle, and significantly reduces her recovery. It has also helped her stay healthy and prevent injuries. She recommends Power Plate to anyone looking to accelerate in their sport and keep their body feeling good.

Chris says, “My teaching has only increased over the years, and it helps me be able to be on the court for long periods of time without being injured or if I do get injured it makes the recovery time much shorter. I say it to everybody I come in contact with- come work on the Power Plate. It will help you and every single time, it helps them.”

Power Plate allows you to do more of what you love by improving your recovery times and keeping your body strong and healthy. Power Plate has been proven to reduce cortisol levels, which helps keep pain and discomfort at a minimum. Using Power Plate as a part of your fitness routine will reap numerous benefits, including increased circulation, more core activation, and faster warm-up and recovery times.

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