A List Of 40 Recent Studies Conducted Using Power Plate Technology

The Power Plate approach to whole body vibration is unlike any other.  The quality and harmonic precision of the "waves" we produce are both comfortable and measurable. 

This precision is what has driven institutional mass adoption in the fitness industry, across professional/elite sports globally, and in the healthcare space.   Whole body vibration itself is among the most researched technologies in the fitness and health space. 

And increasingly, most new research is conducted on Power Plate's themselves.

The difference between a Power Plate harmonic wave and regular whole body vibration is vast. 

This is a list of 40 recent studies conducted using Power Plate "pro" machines.

  1. Whole-body vibration attenuates the increase in leg arterial stiffness and aortic systolic blood pressure during post-exercise muscle ischemia

  2. Whole-body vibration exercise in the management of cardiovascular diseases: A systematic review

  3. Whole-body vibration as a potential countermeasure for dynapenia and arterial stiffness

  4. Changes in Bone Biomarkers, BMC, and Insulin Resistance Following a 10-Week Whole Body Vibration Exercise Program in Overweight Latino Boys

  5. Vibration acceleration promotes endochondral formation during fracture healing through cellular chondrogenic differentiation

  6. Whole‐body vibration exercise and training increase regional CBF in mild cognitive impairment with enhanced cognitive function

  7. Whole-Body Vibration Training Increases Stem/Progenitor Cell Circulation Levels and May Attenuate Inflammation

  8. The effects of whole-body vibration amplitude on glucose metabolism, inflammation, and skeletal muscle oxygenation

  9. Effect of Long-Term Whole Body Vibration Training on Visceral Adipose Tissue: A Preliminary Report

  10. Whole-body vibration training improves balance control and sit-to-stand performance among middle-aged and older adults: a pilot randomized controlled trial

  11. Do two whole-body vibration amplitudes improve postural balance, gait speed, muscle strength, and functional mobility in sedentary older women? A crossover randomized controlled trial

  12. Effects of bioDensity Training and Power Plate Whole-Body Vibration on Strength, Balance, and Functional Independence in Older Adults

  13. Effects of whole-body vibration exercise on muscular strength and power, functional mobility and self-reported knee function in middle-aged and older Japanese women with knee pain

  14. Impact of whole-body vibration training versus fitness training on muscle strength and muscle mass in older men: a 1-year randomized controlled trial

  15. The effect of four-week interrupted intervention Whole-Body Vibration program on hamstring’s flexibility

  16. Effects of resistance training with whole-body vibration on muscle fitness in untrained adults

  17. The effect of 6-weeks whole body vibration on muscular performance on young non-competitive female artistic gymnasts

  18. Whole-body vibration applied during upper body exercise improves performance

  19. The acute effect of whole-body low-frequency vibration on countermovement vertical jump performance in college-aged men

  20. The acute effect of whole body vibration training on flexibility and explosive strength of young gymnasts

  21. Optimal frequency, displacement, duration, and recovery patterns to maximize power output following acute whole-body vibration

  22. Alternative to traditional stretching methods for flexibility enhancement in well-trained combat athletes: local vibration versus whole-body vibration

  23. The addition of synchronous whole-body vibration to battling rope exercise increases skeletal muscle activity

  24. Effects of whole body vibration on strength and jumping performance in volleyball and beach volleyball players

  25. Effect of vibration on forward split flexibility and pain perception in young male gymnasts

  26. Effects of whole body vibration training on isokinetic muscular performance, pain, function, and quality of life in female patients with patellofemoral pain: a randomized controlled trial

  27. Effects of Whole Body Vibration Exercise associated with Quadriceps Resistance Exercise on functioning and quality of life in patients with knee osteoarthritis: A randomized controlled trial

  28. Does Acute Whole-Body Vibration Training Improve the Physical Performance of People with Knee Osteoarthritis?

  29. The effects of whole-body vibration training on knee function and physical performance of middle-aged and elderly woman with knee osteoarthritis and chronic knee pain

  30. Impact of low-intensity resistance and whole-body vibration training on aortic hemodynamics and vascular function in postmenopausal women

  31. Effectiveness of whole-body vibration exercise and core stabilization exercise in chronic non-specific low back pain: A randomized-controlled study

  32. Effects of Whole-Body Vibration Training with Different Body Positions and Amplitudes on Lower Limb Muscle Activity in Middle-Aged and Older Women

  33. Acute Whole Body Vibration Decreases the Glucose Levels in Elderly Diabetic Women

  34. Assessment of Biological Reaction to Whole Body Vibration Training by Evaluating Changes in Salivary Components and Cutaneous Blood Flow

  35. The Immediate Effect of Muscle Energy Technique and Whole Body Vibration on Hamstring Muscle Flexibility and Stiffness in Healthy Young Females

  36. Effects of exercise combined with whole body vibration in patients with patellofemoral pain syndrome: a randomised-controlled clinical trial

  37. Effect of whole-body vibration training on transcutaneous oxygen levels of the foot in patients with type 2 diabetes: A randomized controlled trial

  38. Novel Approach for Glycemic Management Incorporating Vibration Stimulation of Skeletal Muscle in Obesity

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