21 Day Habit Guide

Congratulations & Welcome to your new Power Plate!

This guide supports the starter pack videos located in the Power Plate app, available for download in the App Store and Google Play. Once in the app, click "Welcome to Power Plate" or the Start button.

Day 1 - The Basics

In the introductory videos you’ll experience what the vibration feels like and how to set up your machine, as well as learn about the many benefits you and your family can gain from using the Power Plate in your daily life.

The Basics
What is Power Plate?
21 Day Habit

Days 1-3 - Prepare, Perform, Recover

Watch and participate in the associated four short videos to give you a solid base to work off as you continue with the program, learning various movements to target different muscle groups.

Prepare: Functional Flexibility
Perform: Core Integration
Perform: Functional Strength
Getting Started: Recovery


Week 1 - Sample Workouts

Now it’s time to start your daily routines. Mix and match the moves to create the workout that best suits your personal fitness goals.

Getting Started: Your Daily Routines
Getting Started: Goals & Sample Workouts 
Getting Started: Beginner Workout
Getting Started: Core & Balance


Week 2 - Intermediate Workouts and Recovery

Once you’re comfortable, continue on to more challenging workouts, including a yoga flow recovery.

Getting Started: BURN 1
Getting Started: STRONG 1
Getting Started: Yoga Flow 


Week 3 - Solidifying The Habits

For the final week your challenge is to get into the habit of how you want to integrate Power Plate into your life moving forward.

Getting Started: Using Power Plate to Prepare Faster & Recover Quicker for any workout, activity or sport


All Set!

We hope this first 21 days has allowed you to learn, understand, and experience the many benefits of using Power Plate, giving you the confidence and resources to get the most out of your machine.

You can keep in touch in our community platforms and continue to utilize the app for more workouts and tips.

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