How to Relieve Back Pain with Power Plate in 9 Minutes

How to relieve back pain with Power Plate in 9 minutes

This is a simple 9 minute video but will help relieve tension, making you feel great and loose.

Power Plate uses Whole Body Vibration Technology that can great relieve pain and tension in the lower back. Power Plate vibrations can help build muscle strength in all areas of the back and core, help achieve a deeper stretch, and massage and relax the sore areas.

The video below gives a series of amazing dynamic stretches being led by our master trainer Sylvie that target lower back pain and tightness.

In this video, Sylvie recommends using level 1 or 2 on your plate, which is the best for stretching. She’s using a Reebok platform to support her body next to the Power Plate MOVE. This can be found on Amazon. If you have a Move Shield, the Large Support Cushion can be used to extend the Move platform. Click HERE to purchase the Large Support Cushion.

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