I asked a PGA TOUR player – what separates an average golfer from the best?

I asked him a simple question while he was putting.

“What do you think separates an amateur golfer and a PGA TOUR player?”

After thinking for a few minutes he looked up at me and responded.

“Warm up.”

I was confused when he said warm up because I was definitely expecting him to say ‘hire a professional golf coach’ or teach me some weird little trick on how to swing the club.

Warm up was not what I was expecting to hear...

“We work hard at our body and our game. We don’t just show up to have fun. It starts with warming up our body and our swing. We don’t just come out and take a couple of hurried driver swings and go to the first tee...”

If you asked ten golfers what they think separates pros from amateurs they would most likely guess a $3,000 set of Titleist golf clubs.

The reality is that PGA TOUR golfers could run circles around an amateur golfer with a set of terrible clubs.

What I learned from him was that warm up was not simply stretching five minutes before the round starts.

Many pros actually warm up using a piece of gym training equipment that helps them improve flexibility, balance, and increase stability.

On the surface this all sounds pretty trivial but when he started to break down how each made a difference - it clicked for me.

“5 or 10 minutes of doing the right warm up and you can play better without being more skilled”

I definitely had a “handicap” in my golf game and it was my warm up.

He broke down why every warm up should include flexibility exercises.

“Flexibility matters because that is what helps you take the club back a tiny bit further before you strike giving you that extra power.”

He explained how incredibly important balance is to your swing.

“You need great balance to be able to swing a 100 miles an hour and make sure that this little club head finds this even smaller golf ball in the sweet spot. You need to hit it dead center...right in the middle of the club face.”

He explained how most amateur golfers don't even understand how stability impacts their golf swing.

“Stability is important because that is what helps you transfer all that power to the ball. Imagine trying to swing 100 mph while standing on ice. That’s why you need stability.”

I was sold on the concept of flexibility, stability, and balance for golf. Now I desperately wanted to know what his warm up routine was.

Turns out he and many other PGA TOUR golfers own a piece of equipment called a Power Plate that they use to warm up.

“I jump on for 10 minutes before a round and it makes all the difference.”

The Power Plate is a specially designed machine that has vibration technology built in. The surface vibrates in three separate directions at up to forty times per second. For golfers, warming up on the vibrating surface forces their body to stabilize helping improve their flexibility, stability, and balance.

Golfers not only use the Power Plate to warm up prior to their round but they also use it afterward to recover, massage sore calf muscles, and make sure their body cools down properly. This helps them avoid injuries and soreness after rounds.

Numerous PGA TOUR winners including Masters winner Mike Weir, 6-Time PGA TOUR winner Rory Sabbatini and World Hall of Fame Golfer Billy Casper (51 PGA TOUR Wins) have used Power Plate to warm up and cool down.

"It is amazing how fast and easy the Power Plate was able to loosen up my hips and back." - Mike Weir, Winner of the Masters Tournament, Ranked Top 10 in the World

"Over this past year, I have begun to address my fitness level and physical imbalances. This has directly led to better performance and higher finishes. The Power Plate has become an important part of my transformation. I own a Power Plate and recommend it to anyone serious about improving their game." - Rory Sabbatini, 6-Time PGA TOUR Winner

"Since I bought my Power Plate, I have seen an increase in my balance, my strength has improved from 1 pushup to over 20, and I just had 5 birdies in one round for the first time in 5 years!" - Billy Casper, 51-Time PGA TOUR Winner, 3rd longest winning-season streak (behind Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus)

Four time Academy Award Winning Actor, Clint Eastwood, even uses Power Plate to warm up before a round of Golf:

"Power Plate is a fast and effective strength workout and I like it before a round of golf because it helps me be loose and flexible." - Clint Eastwood, 4-time Oscar Winning Actor

Power Plate has recently doubled down on its commitment to golfers with the launch of its exclusive golf package.

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If you are a golfer looking to hit the ball further, straighter, and with more accuracy you should definitely consider adding a Power Plate MOVE to your golf warm up.

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