The Bone Strengthening Machine Used by Athletes, Doctors, and Celebrities

The older we get the more important bone strength becomes. No one wants to lose their mobility or even worse, break something.

So that begs the question. What is the best way to build stronger bones naturally?

According to Dr. Yoni Whitten, doing exercises on top of a specially designed vibrating platform helps build stronger bones.

Dr. Yoni Whitten and his patients in San Diego use a Power Plate vibrating platform which has a special mode that, when activated, can vibrate at precisely 30-35 Hz using its PrecisionWave™ Technology.

This specific range of 30-35 Hz vibrations is key to increasing bone strength.

In a study of 116 post-menopausal women2, half used a Power Plate while working out and the other half did not.

The group using the Power Plate device gained 4% in bone density while the group that did not use Power Plate lost 2% bone in density.2

Not only did the women from the study see great results but everyday Power Plate users are seeing great results as well.

Check out what 74 year old Betty Hodgkiss from Taylorsville, Kentucky had to say about her Power Plate on Facebook.

Whole body vibration devices like Power Plate are incredibly effective in helping your body strengthen its bones.

Whole-body vibration is a technology that was first developed by scientists in the second half of the 20th century as a way to reduce bone density loss and muscle atrophy in astronauts exposed to zero-gravity conditions.3

When you are standing on the floor your bones are working to stabilize against gravity on earth.

However in space there is no gravity load forcing you to stabilize and strengthen your bones, and that's why bone density issues occur.

Power Plate's vibrating surface actually forces your body to not only fight against regular gravity but also to resist the additional vibrations.

Watch Master Trainer Sylvie as she showcases the bone-strengthening exercises for the first week of our 6-week Bone Health program using the MOVE and its stability bar.

The Power Plate surface vibrates 35 times per second making your bones and muscles work that much harder to stabilize, increasing skeletal strength and bone density.

The Power Plate also features TriPlaner Technology; it does not move just vertically up and down — it also moves horizontally.

Fighting back against the vibrations from the surface moving in multiple directions is what helps increase bone density.2

Want strong and dense bones that can stand the test of time? It's time to add a Power Plate MOVE to your weekly workout routine.

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