Regeneration of Energy, Skin, Mind and Body
Naturally produced growth hormone (GH) maintains bodily functions such as tissue repair, muscle growth, brain function, skin thickness, energy, and metabolism, throughout life. As we age, GH levels diminish and associated body functions suffer (Rudman et al. 1990). Researchers, who focus on anti-aging, have been searching for ways to maintain and increase GH levels throughout adulthood. Since Rudman et al reported in the New England Journal of Medicine; Effects of Human Growth Hormone in Men over 60 Years Old, physicians have been prescribing GH for anti-aging purposes. These GH therapy prescriptions cost patients up to $30,000 USD per year and require daily injections. With the desire to find an easier, safer, and more affordable way to stimulate creation of GH naturally within the body, researchers have begun to look at reflexive movement of the human body as a gateway to stimulate this natural anti-aging effect.

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