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Iron Endurance: The Competitor

Transforming the human body into a swimming, cycling and running machine is a perilous quest. Tackling the unforgiving environments of the pool and the road takes a huge commitment as well as precious time. Power Plate Master Trainer Matt Gleed knows what it takes to complete this monumental task. We caught up with Matt to gain some insights into the role of whole body vibration in his endurance journey

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Perform Better: Are You Burning Fat?

Monitoring heart rate during exercise used to be reserved for people at extreme ends of the spectrum. From those who suffer from cardiovascular conditions in need of careful attention right through to the elite athletes in the world of sports. These were the two group represented when it came to tracking heart rate and defining programming around their needs.

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Power TV

For almost 20 years, Power Plate has been at the forefront of whole body vibration technology. In that time the fitness industry has evolved greatly. The ways in which people receive and perceive health related content has changed dramatically. With the advent of the Internet and social media there are now millions of options when it comes to consuming this content. The Master Trainer team at Power Plate believes in providing you with information from the most reliable and respected sources we can find.

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