How Power Plate Helps Reverse Osteoporosis, Builds Denser Bones

The power plate vibrates your body and engages the majority of your muscle fibers at one time.

But these vibrations also impact your bones in a very positive way.

Every tiny vibration gently engages your bones which then stimulates your bone building cells.
These bone building cells are called osteoblasts and this process creates new bones. It also makes your bones more flexible.
There are multiple studies that show how the power plate helps rebuild bone density.
In one study people who used power plate increased their hip bone density by 1.5%, which is significant.
The people in the study also improve their posture, balance, muscle strength, and lean muscle mass.
The key finding in the study is that conventional weight training only slows bone loss, it doesn't reverse it. Only the power plate reverses bone loss.
PowerPlate doesn't just improve your bones, it also improves your circulation, which is great for your heart skin and joint tissue.
Plus the power plate helps to stimulate your body to increase The production of testosterone and growth hormone
Most of us as we get older noticed that our joints and back feels stiff when we wake up in the morning. Standing or sitting on the power plate for as little as 30 seconds can help jumpstart flexibility immediately
According to Joel Fuhrman MD the best way to maximize the bone building potential of the power plate is doing a series of gentle squats and other exercise for 10 minutes a day. 
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